00009_BLOGWhere are you located?
We’re currently looking for a new office space since our perfect marina clubhouse studio sold… (Yes, I’m still bitter – boo!!) No worries though, we can meet up at a local bistro or coffee shop until we find a new perfect place!

Describe your style.
Some say our style is clean and modern, yet somehow classic, we also hear our work is light and airy…  Truth is, it’s a little bit of all those things and it’s much easier to explain how we create our images than fit them into a specific style. We feel the best way to capture real moments is to be as unobtrusive as possible through most of the day, allowing things to unfold naturally. Then, during your formal portrait time we know how to take control and gently guide you into cofortable poses that allow you interact with each other creating the beautiful real moments you see throughout our portfolio.

Is photography your full time job?
Yes. We are 100% dedicated to being photographers!

Do you shoot more than one wedding per day?
No.  We feel strongly about dedicating the entire day to your wedding.

How many weddings have you done?
Lots… No, Really, honestly more than we can count. This page shows off  just a small part of our collection of ring shots!

Why do you Include a second photographer?
Jen & Sarah work as a team at all our weddings, we’ve found it’s the best way to provide complete coverage.

What if we don’t want a second photographer.
Sorry, we always work as a team

How far in advance should we contact you?
As soon as possible! Our calendar fills fast!

Are you insured?
Yes, we carry Professional Liability Insurance and Equipment Insurance.

Digital or Film?

What camera equipment do you use?
We currently shoot with Canon 5D Mark III DSLR’s and all our lenses are professional quality. Our bags are also full with an assortment of flashes, video lights, reflectors and other fun stuff we can use to make you look fabulous!

Do you bring back-up equipment?
Yes, always.

Are you experienced with low light? Full sun?
Absolutely. Great light. Low light. Bright light. Outdoor. Indoor. You name it! Our years of experience and collection of professional equipment allows us to provide amazing images in even the most demanding situations.

Have you ever shot at…?
Most of the time the answer will be yes, after years shooting weddings here in Central Florida we’ve had the honor of photographing at many of the different locations and venues. On the rare occasion we have to answer no, please don’t see that as a negative… shooting at exciting new venues is one of our favorite things to do. Rest assured we will do our research and do a walk-through of the location before your big day!

Will our images be edited?
Yes. Every Single One.  Our editing style is an integral part of our creative process.  You can trust that your precious wedding memories will be hand-processed and given the attention they deserve by the very people who took it and understand your story.

When do we get our images?
Delivery ranges from 6-8 weeks depending on the size of your wedding.

Do we receive digital files?
Yes, we want our couples to have every image we edit! Every collection comes standard with full resolution images and a print release  that allows you to print your images wherever you like.

Do you charge travel fees?
We travel anywhere in the central Florida area and have low fees for destinations…

We’re ready to hire you to photograph our wedding… what’s next!
That’s Awesome! Just use the contact form located HERE to get in touch and chat about our availability! Can’t wait to meet you!


Soltren Photography in Central Florida is a leading top 10 wedding Photography company that has been serving Central Florida for years with its clean storytelling style. Be sure to take a look through the rest of our website and wedding photography galleries!