Must Haves for Your Dream Wedding

The date is set, venue is booked, and the excitement is overwhelming. Now the fun begins with choosing the delicate touches and details that will shape your unique day! Here are a few must haves to make sure your dream wedding is as gorgeous as you’ve imagined!


Capturing this day is a top priority for couples getting married. These memories will hang in your home forever, and take you back to these beautiful moments. Whether it’s that first married kiss, grandma boogieing with you on the dance floor, or the little ones carrying rings down the aisle, these moments need to be caught. Great wedding photographers (like us here at Soltren Photography!) are an investment for your wedding that you don’t want to overlook. It’s important to have a professional that shares your vision on how to capture your special day! Be sure to do your research, review their portfolio for weddings they’ve worked on, and ask lots of questions to make sure they’re the right fit.

light and airy dream wedding couple images

The Dress

Ultimately, one of the most important pieces to make you stand out on your wedding day is your dress. You might only wear it once, but when you make your way down the aisle, all eyes are on you. Few times in your life can you truly dress like a princess, so take advantage of it! Dress shopping gets overwhelming, especially with opinions from relatives, friends, and future in-laws. You’ll have to start somewhere, so know the basics of shopping for your wedding dress. Once you’ve gotten inspiration from looking in magazines and online, go to a salon and try on a variety of dresses. The best advice is to go with your gut on what you feel the best in!

Not everyone finds just one perfect dress, maybe you narrow it down to three you equally love. From there, using comfort and price is an easy way to eliminate contenders. Be sure to start the dress hunting process early to avoid stress!

beautiful wedding dress images by soltren photographyMusic

You’re basically throwing a huge party for all your friends and family, and all parties need a perfect playlist. Having a great DJ is what will get everyone feeling loose and ready to dance, so it’s definitely an important aspect of your reception! You don’t want to go with the cheapest option for a DJ since it’s such a crucial component, as you’ll be getting what you pay for. Use a portion of your personal loan for details like the DJ (and photography) that will really make or break your wedding.

Definitely talk with your DJ ahead of time about how many slow songs should be played and when to be sure you don’t leave the crowd snoozing. You’ll have a variety of generations attending your wedding, so be sure to include music that everyone will love!


Brides and Grooms often struggle trying to decide what to put on the menu for their special day. Good food is something your guests will appreciate and remember, so don’t gloss over the details. Avoid offering too many options, as this will only increase the price of your caterer bill. For most couples that have budgets, a simple three dish options should work. Choose dishes that satisfy common dietary restrictions including nut allergies, gluten allergies, and vegetarians.

In reality, your guests won’t remember what was served at your wedding down the line, but they will remember if it was good or not. When in doubt step back and think about what you want want to be served or expect to be served at the venue you have booked and what you would enjoy eating at a wedding you were attending.


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